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And story goes on.

Did not find any pt100 or 1000 sensors, but in that 2 minutes i was searching, i found few ntc probes for heated floor thermostat. The one that i tried, seems to be 33k@25C.

For testing that probe, i set logging for 1 sec intervals and tried boiling water and melting ice. Cant remember very accurate values, but there is a bigger problem, as there was no log file after that session.. I had live values or graph on a phone for all that time and logging should have been on. At least i did not see anything wrong.

How is led supposed to blink in those conditions? 1 blink/1 sec for connection AND 3 blinks/1 sec for writing samples? If every sample is written in realtime, there would have to be way too much blinking :D

I had to reset mooshimeter to get it logging again.. I should have checked how led is blinking in different situations, but did not. As it is hard to remember and I think there should be more feedback visible on a app side of what the meter is doing or failing to do. After all, on most cases, there is couple million pixels to tell us a story (while setting things up or checking what is happening in a middle of multiple days of logging), rather than to do it only with one amber led..