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Hi Ville,

Logging and graphing at the same time: Graphing is OK, it’s just if you turn on buffer mode logs will not be generated while buffer mode is on. There was a bug in earlier releases that caused the graphed buffers to be corrupted when logging was turned on, I think this is what Duane’s referring to. That issue has been fixed.

Recording writing math channel directly to the log: thermocouple temperature calculations are performed on the phone itself, so the Mooshimeter is not able to log those readings directly. The polynomials used to calculate the temperature in the app came from Omega in this pdf: You should be able to port those to your spreadsheet.

Regarding logging stopping 2 hours in: I’ve actually encountered this in the specific circumstance of logging a freezer temperature. I believe the problem is the SD card itself not waking up below a certain temperature, but I’m not 100% certain of that. Would it be possible to run your experiment in the fridge? I’ve done fridge experiments with the latest firmware lasting many days with no problem.

Blink pattern: If you were logging with 1 second interval while connected over BLE, yes you would see 1 blink per second and a 3 blink chirp every second. If you were seeing this pattern but did not see a log file… well that is disturbing. Something that could have happened is that you removed the SD card while the Mooshimeter was writing to it. It’s quite unlikely but I’ve had it happen a couple times and I’m going to start advising users to turn logging off before removing the SD card to avoid it.

Let me know if I missed something, sorry I’m late to the thread. Also – I thought the search widget in the sidebar worked for the forum, but I just did a test on it and it seems that feature became disabled in the latest website update. Will look in to that. A tip I sometimes use: You can use targeted google searches like “thermocouple” and it will give you good search results only on this site. I still do that sometimes.

Hope I got everything, thanks again for the testing and the details. It’s much appreciated.