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I will check that pdf and try to learn how those k-probes work.. Or just quit and continue to search for pt1000 probe from my storage :D

And freezer vs fridge.. Mooshimeter was outside of both, only that fluke k-probe with tiny and flat cord went in, hardly even denting door gaskets. So room temperature for sd-card. And my “experiment” was to see how much there is variation in temperatures, as that fridge+freezer is one unit with only one compressor, so other has to suffer when switching it on/off.. I try to be creative with my beta-testing, as nice graphs are just nice graphs, but when i measure something that somehow interests me, i probably find different kinds of bugs or at least be more angry for crashes and report them, as i have lost something.. Its so easy to just reset your meter and try again what the meters internal temperature inside storage case on your workbench is :D

Then the blinking/chirping. I really dont have a clue how it was blinking :( .. Should have checked, but after all, failed logs before this had been total crashes and this time i was able to see live values and graph few times during that logging, so i did not suspect that there is anything wrong.. Meter uptime had to be from that last firmware update, it succesfully logged my freezer for 7300 lines (10s interval) and i do stop logging before getting card out, every time. Maybe i should reset mooshimeter while copying files to computer from now on.. At least when doing semi-interesting measurements.. Internal temp at workbench would have to do for uptime records ;)

I did try google site search yesterday, after Duane and i had mentioned searching.. I got bit odd results and did not bother to try again, but today it seems to find real threads. Yesterday it gave me page full of results to some “admin/reply” view with only posts from James and i had to click each again to see what the question was :D .. I am so busy on vacation that google has to give me right result on a first try ;D

Aaargh.. I dont even like writing or know english, where did all this came from? :D