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Hi Tom,

I recently (Sunday 8/21/2016) pushed the beta branch to production, along with a firmware issue that addresses many of the logging issues you found in the beta releases, including the occasional data spikiness. The latest firmware version is 1470628829.

If convenient, can you send me one of the logfiles you got from the meter that required lots of manual cleanup? You can put it on dropbox and link from the forum, or send it to I’ve seen failures from many iterations of the beta firmware, I may be able to say if these are the kinds of issues that would be addressed by the latest firmware or not.

Last thing – sorry to put you through the same process again, but can you update to the latest app and firmware one more time? Much of the last few months has been hunting down edge cases in the logging, I expect you will get better behavior.

Of course if we do find your meter is somehow defective I will send you a replacement.