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Hi James (and anyone else, who is willing to read all this nonsense ;)) <– Thats all i have for now, probably can’t get to dads computer in little over week (and he actually don’t know how to use it :D ) for original log file. Do you really want to see it?

Mooshimeter was of course outside of fridge, in a wooden cabinet on top of it (maybe 25-30 deg c, somewhat over room temperature as those appliances were converting all that electricity to heat :D ).

I made a plastic box for current transformer and meter itself and cut an extension cord (with three outlets, which was nice in this case, so i just plugged both devices to it to log at same time) to go through it. I’m a bit paranoid for leaving any experiment in a state where someone could hurt themselves.. And all i had was uninsulated banana plugs, as i want to leave that box as easy to use again as possible, so could not use real measuring leads, which i would want to use elsewhere. I ordered safety plugs and will do that box setup again, but nicer and safer.

In (most of?) europe, we cant even tell which lead is neutral and which is phase, as our schuko-plugs will go to outlets in two ways. And for that reason, we cant even be sure that the contacts in wall outlets are in right order, as some electricians “know” that it makes no difference, so even marking my plug for right orientation wont do any good.. So i need safety plugs for all contacts, not just for live. And this time i used current transformer, which is meant to be used inside an electric cabinet, so it really does not have consumer level shields over it.

As for the battery estimations, i was on 10 sec intervals. I was hoping that the app itself would have some understanding of the situation.. So it would be able to tell that
a) you would have over week of log time left, no matter what you do,
b) couple (interval/range dependent?) levels in between
c) and a warning that “you should not log with these batteries, you are getting 5 hours at most and probably screw your memory card while doing so”

It may be hard for user to estimate anything from that percent value for battery, as we are seeing same kind of values with our phone batteries, which calibrate constantly and will go to zero about every day etc.. Not my oneplus-2 though, little use in good reception while on vacation, i can go 2-3 days.. But its still far away from mooshimeter and usage is so different, so mentally estimating wont work..