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Long story short, I reinstalled the same firmware and everything works like before.

Thanks for the response, Duane. I had tried rebooting the phone. When I was able to connect the app told me the batteries were at 30 something percent. I couldn’t connect normally, but I was still able to update the firmware, so I just updated to the same version again. The connection problem is solved now.
In standby it blinks twice, SD card mounted. After I connect, it still freezes when I hit the logging button on screen. The last time I hit it the meter went into firmware install mode and wouldn’t connect any other way. That logging button seems to really things up, like it’s logging to the firmware instead of to the memory card. I reinstalled the firmware yet again. Unless you know exactly what the problem is, I’d rather wait for a new forum thread, a new firmware, a later date, and a new memory card to try troubleshooting the logging.