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Hi Madcow,

Thanks for the well structured report. I read the description and have a theory:
– Double blink for status means the SD card is readable and successfully mounted
– Low battery may be related because…
– SD card write/erase is the most power hungry activity on the Mooshimeter
My suspicion is that the reboot in to OAD mode you saw is related to trying to write to SD card. My suspicious are:
– You have a weak set of batteries and the power spike when writing to SD is causing a reboot
– The SD card is formatted in some weird way that’s causing the firmware to crash (I’ve seen this happen)
– The card itself is defective and drawing power above its specification
Here are the steps I would try:
– Replace the batteries and format the SD card
– If the same failure occurs, try a different SD card

Hope this is helpful, best