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Better than 1% accuracy over 20 Ohms – 20 Megaohms

(Damn, we dont have preview to test what any of those tags do, so i have no idea what that “blockquote” does. Hopefully its readable :D )

So, it basically says in the specs, that mooshimeter is only meant for resistances over 20 ohms.

I’m planning to make some kind of higher current device to measure small resistances with mooshimeter, but that would need to have its own (variable) powersource and (variable) load to work.. And “free math” channel to show nice live values. If i ever get to a point where i really have it working, i probably write something about it here..

And i thought that i have seen that name “nophead” and that profile-picture before.. 3d-printer was the magic word. I have orca ~0.30 and need more free time to play with it :D