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James has published a version of the mooshimeter android app which has very basic ability to send the meter reading values via broadcast intent messages. As always in first versions, there are some limitations and issues and this will probably not be the final version. So, for those of you who just can’t wait and with the understanding this may change, here is a link to the app . Click the green download button, unzip, and then in the app folder you should find app-release.apk. Side load the app to your android phone and install.

The Broadcast Intent values can be processed by any other app on the phone which has intent receiver capability. There is a global setting in the android app to turn this on. The global setting page is the same page used to set temperature readings to C or F. It is prior to connecting to the meter.

You can test this out in Tasker using a Profile with Action: com.mooshim.mooshimeter.SAMPLE_INTENT Set up a Alert popup Text: Received %value %units Timeout (seconds) 2 . Taker can run in the background. The %value and %units come from both channels, but I ran into an issue on my phone where only CH1 was displayed most of the time and only occasionally was CH2 displayed. Also, the app cannot run in background. James is evaluating solutions to these issues. —Duane