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This was working for me:

Profile: Mooshimeter Broadcast (263)
Event: Intent Received [ Action:com.mooshim.mooshimeter.SAMPLE_INTENT Cat:None Cat:None Scheme:* Mime Type:* ]
Enter: Mooshimeter Bcast (264)
A1: Flash [ Text:%value %units Long:Off ]
A2: AutoPebble Quick Screen [ Configuration:ID: mooshimeter
Full Screen: true
Title: Mooshimeter
Top Label: Update
Middle Label: %value
Bottom Label: %units
Command Prefix: moosh
Text Font: Droid Serif 28 Bold
No Prefix if Command: false
Do Not Disturb: false
Clear History: false
Open Phone App: true
Save Scren: false
Don’t Send Screen: false
Go Back: false
Go Back Multi: false Timeout (Seconds):120 ]
A3: [X] AutoTools Action Report [ Configuration:Separator: , Timeout (Seconds):60 ]
A4: [X] Popup [ Title: Text:%default_input_method
%location_mode Background Image: Layout:Popup Timeout (Seconds):5 Show Over Keyguard:On ]