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Thanks for the prompt responses.

I thought I had actually changed the Sampling Rate values to Auto, but maybe not both of them at the same time.

I have since read the linked thread and set the Sampling Rares and Voltage to Auto and now the AC Voltage appears to be reading properly.

Granted this is a slightly more sophisticated multimeter, I have MANY years using Fluke, HP, Techtronix, R&S, ExTech and other test equipment to include multimeters, scope meters, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and so forth.

While I appreciate the flexibility of this meter, I do agree that the UI needs some work and since this is a networked item it can be easily updated.

I would think that by default the settings on the App should start out as Auto. Because this meter/App has sampling rate options, I think this need to make more obvious on the UI. I originally thought the Hz value was for Frequency Measurement, so this may have thrown me off.

I assume this meter is a work in progress so as development continues, hopefully many of these items can be addressed. I also feel that the lack of Defaults at least for the sampling rate could be dangerous for the end user when dealing with higher Voltage AC mains power. Without the proper meter settings if the AC Voltage cannot be detected and properly displayed, this could be a big safety problem. Kind of surprised this system was able to be fully approved when this App allows incorrect measurements by default.

Some other features I would like to see if they can be supported.

1. Actual Frequency Measurements if it can be supported.
2. Offer a optional high current shunt for high current AC or DC measurements
3. I have not looked at the Log output yet, but a real time clock would be a helpful item if this is not already part of the meter.
4. Options for using external AC or DC current clamps where the menu will give users selectable/adjustable Amps/milliVolt type of reference so a “direct” output reading can be observed rather than having to mentally convert for the Amp reading.
5. Unclear if this device would be able to provide waveforms like a scope meter, would be nice if the App could support this type of feature.
6. Not sure if the Log is in a .CSV formwat on the MicroSD card. I see there is a web link for uploading the file form the MicroSD car for graphing. I have not used this feature yet.
7. Offering a Max, Min, Average, feature.
8. Offering a App display that will over a Peak Max, Peak Min and Live reading combined in a single display.
9. Offering colors for Positive or Negative Voltage or Current Values.
10. Have a tone to indicate a change in value. Maybe different tones for an increase in value and a decrease in value.
11. Offering threshold Alarms that would give an audible alert, then maybe a flashing Max or Min threshold value so at a glance you can see the latest threshold levels.
12. Offering some form of dB, dBm, dBW measurements if possible.
13. Ability to measure or display AC ripple on a DC measurement.
14. Graphing on Android, either I am clueless or this is train wreck. Is there a way to show the RMS value of an AC Voltage measurement? I see while graphing the 120 Volts from the wall outlet the Graph appears to be more of an oscilloscope output with the peak Voltage of around +/- 160 Volts, which I understand, but no RMS value displayed on the graph and no line graph over time so I can easily see RMS value variations over minute or hours.
15. Graphing to me allows things like Reference Display Lines, Markers for measurements, Marker Peak, Marker Min, Marker Delta and so forth.

Do not get me wrong, I think this device has a lot of great possibilities and it is in the early stages, but I would hope this many of these features might be considered in future releases of the App and incorporated into future updates.

I am currently Logging and will learn about what I can do once I get the Log file copied to my computer and then uploaded for plotting out.

I also have Logger Pro which I will try to work with the file from the meter if it is in a useful format.

Again, I have less than 1 hour playing with this so far, much more to explore and learn about.

Keep up the good work.


Just a few ideas off the top of my head, I have not spent much time with this device yet.