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> I have not spent much time with this device yet.

That’s obvious. ;-)

But you should do so! Not only with the device but also with this website. Then some points of your long, long whish list will turn out to be obsolete, and others will be recognized as already listed in the project’s todo list.

I even suggest to read the whole blog from the early beginnings up to now (as I did) – it’s not only a very interesting story, it also helps to understand your mooshimeter and the ideas behind it much better.

> 4. Options for using external AC or DC current clamps where the menu will give users selectable/adjustable Amps/milliVolt type of reference so a “direct” output reading can be observed rather than having to mentally convert for the Amp reading.

I would agree to that, but in a more generic manner. As it seems impossible to consider all possible external sensors and devices, I suggest a flexible concept of some (say, 10 or 16) user-definable and -nameable “profiles” where free math conversion formulas (and/or even filenames of user-stored lookup tables) can be entered and saved. The already existing temperature conversions could then be made a (pre-defined) part of this concept.