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I tend to approach the world head on and expect things to be rather intuitive and easy to use without spending hours researching and reading reams of documentation. I tend to find this is also how and why I can easily find holes and bugs in things. Like the problem with the ability to properly detect and measure AC Voltage. This is really something that needs to be addressed within the App.

As for the other features, not sure if there is a master wish list of how possible features are tracked. I deal with a lot of different products and some do have online feature requests, if there is a specific location, I will post the information in the appropriate location.

I am sure there is a reason this product was developed and it took a lot of effort and time and now that the Version 1 hardware is released, hopefully effort can be spent on the App and features.

Hopefully the graphing/logging will be very powerful and flexible. I find SO many products come up SO short when it comes to graphing and logging. Usually this is due to the developers not being end user and understanding how the end users operate and the information and graphing/logging that is needed.

I agree that user presets are very useful, save time and increase accuracy of data that is gathered. Regarding the current probe or other accessory scaling, I think there may be a pretty standardized way many of these accessories output data and these can be “canned” or pre-configured, but then also giving the end user the option to configure and scale as required would also be helpful.

I am also thinking that there may need to be 2 different user interface options like a Basic user interface that limits what the operator can adjust, see and has most defaults to Auto and a more Advanced user interface that allows more flexibility for the end user. A device like this needs to consider basic safety for measuring and reading simplicity right out of the box because the issue of incorrect high Voltage AC display could end up deadly at some point!

I have a number of interfaces that provide pressure, temperature, current, wind speed and so forth. Most of these interfaces output in milliVolts/per unit. So having the ability to quickly and easily configure proper unit display is very helpful and convenient.

I think this device has a lot of potential and this is why I purchased it. I also have some very specific applications I would like to use this device for and will hopefully be able to not only make suggestions, but also Beta test and provide feedback.

I need to spend more time with the device and on the forum to understand the how’s and why’s as well as the what if’s. There will clearly be some limitations within the current hardware, however, the flexibility of the App is where this item can really shine.

Hopefully as time permits I will learn the ins and outs of the device and be able to provide more detailed feedback and suggestions.