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I appreciate your effort on this.

I still think the trap with AC Voltage measurement should and can be addressed by changing the Default Sampling parameters to Auto when in AC Voltage mode.

This would not take anything away from the end user, they still have the ability to make changes, but if the changes are out of range for the specific frequency/Voltage, then a Warning should probably pop up and/or the boxes turn color/flash and/or give an audible beep of some sort.

I probably have 20 or so different multimeters on hand hand have used these for years, but the Sampling parameters are not typically something an end user has needed to understand and deal with. Granted this gives this tool additionally flexibility, but at the same time it can lead to inaccurate measurements which at best could lead someone to a wrong diagnosis or equipment set up and at worst cause someone unintended injury.

I am not trying to be overly difficult here, I have PLENTY of years working with test equipment and high Voltage AC/DC, but I have never run into a piece of test equipment that has led me astray so easily and I am clearly not the only one this has happened to.

I clearly know how to switch between settings and how properly connect test leads, this is not the issue, it is the way the App is set up. The great part about this type of device it can easily be updated and changed.

So far I have only been using my Android for the interface, I will install the App in one of the iProducts laying around here and see if there is a big difference between the UI a this point.

Unclear if the UI’s are identical or if one platform is a priority over the other.

I have high hopes for this device and plan on using it primarily in for Auto related projects, but will have other uses for the device as well.

For example using Team Viewer to remotely connect to the device that is using the App from a much longer distance than BT will allow. Say across town or across the country!