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I guess some people do not understand. It is NOT complex, it is VERY simple. Look at the majority of the main stream Voltmeters, most of the features are defaulted to Auto. In many situations it is very easy for a user to switch from Auto mode to manual mode(s) depending on the situation.

The PROBLEM here is the Mooshimeter has options for Sampling rate which is not the norm for mainstream users. Without fully understanding the inner workings of the meter, the sampling rate may or may not mean something to the end user.

The problem is in the App there is NO reference to the Hz value, I originally assume this was for Frequency and had nothing to do with the Sampling Rate.

What is SO difficult to DEFAULT some of the settings to Auto???? As a end user you can take any of the settings and manually change them. I see NO negative is this approach and I fail to see how and why people would be against this approach.

As I sit here playing with my Android App on my tablet. I find that for my requirements ALL settings are currently set to Auto and things appears to be operating as expected.

Seems really simple, especially for safety reasons that the App/Meter should default to Auto unless the user intervenes and changes a parameter from Auto to Manual. The settings could also have an option to default to Auto or the last user setting.

This really becomes a safety issue more than a user convenience from my point of view.