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Thanks for the reply, this kind of makes sense?

So I actually double tapped the Home button and then swiped upwards on the IOS device to close the Moosi App. BUT, does the BT connection still stay alive in the background even though the App is closed? I think this may be the case now that I think about how the BT connection may be working.

I did see the LED pattern page you posted, you might want to put some examples on the page when you have a combination of things going on and how to decipher them. I think my Log interval was in fact set to 10 seconds and this may be why there was the 10 second pause between triple LED blinks.

Example, so in my case, it was unclear if the meter was in Standby Mode with the 2 blinks because I was not officially connected to the App??

But at the same time the Logging was probably still enabled so this is why I probably saw the fast triple blink every 10 seconds along with a slower double blink pattern.

It seems that there is a slow blink and a fast blink of the LED’s which is not very clear in the LED Blink Pattern Wiki. You also use the term “chirp” which typically references sound, not flashes. I would also think that a “chirp” would be a faster flash if I had to make the connection.

Maybe a YouTube video with examples would be more obvious?

Please understand I look at the world more from just my point of view. This product likely will be used by people with different native languages and I have personally worked much of Europe and I fully understand how language translations, slang and other terms can easily get confused. I deal with a lot of translated German documentation and not only are there many translation challenges, there are many semantic problems as well and I have to read between the lines all the time and also correct people with properly understanding some of the statements.

I am not trying to be difficult, I just look at the much larger picture and always play outside of the lines.

Thanks for your continued support and efforts.