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Would it be possible to write free math functions to log header directly from app? Firmware would only need to allow writing through bluetooth (it now does reading).. So we wont get stuff calculated for every log line, but have at least right function saved to use in post processing..

My wishlist for log header:

a) Human readable start (and stop, if done from app) time+date (+function to convert timestamps for human consumption with right time zone etc)

b) Free math functions for as many “virtual-channels” that we could came up with. (No actual firmware load, just the functions+units that are set up in app as setting up and testing the whole experiment, so data gets same treatment at field and at office). And of course, free math need to be implemented in app :D .. And if free math functions are saved to log file, it should be easy(?) to add free math channels with right units in mooshigraph-webtool etc..

c) Not actually for header, but maybe additional column for crash recovery information etc.. Is there something like this already? I have seen some undocumented numbers appearing in logs, should we know what those mean? And should there be more? Not crashes ;) but some status messages when everything is not right.. Like low battery warning, so when the meter crashes, there would be some traces left behind..

d) Free text field for naming your experiment. And when things go professional, site/operator/devices/etc, but it would be probably best to keep everything in one text field, as if there would be 20 different boxes, some mentally challenged would want to fill all of those and forget to measure anything :D

Oh.. How did i get that far from the subject.. I’m not a fan of “forced” pick-list type thing, free math is the way to go. I don’t want to see a list of 700 addons that i don’t have, Manfred has a point in user generated stuff (so we all would have lists of our own, but i would not limit it to just 10 or 16). I have already used random resistors as shunts with even more random current transformers etc.. Normal people use shunts and current transformers independently and that is just a beginning in my experiments ;) Couple examples would be ok, if user is able to modify/delete something that is not useful..