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I fully agree that there should be some usefulness of OTHER descriptors when you are using shunts, or other plug in converters. I have plug in temperature, pressure and current devices that output typically in DC Voltage so it would be VERY useful to allow the end user to make adjustments of X Amps per MilliVolt, or X PSI per Millivolt etc.

Another GREAT feature would be to allow Logging from within the App. There are many times when it would be advantageous to allow the .CSV file to be created in the App then easily emailed or even uploaded to DropBox for sharing or other uses. I have Apps that do just this and it eliminates the need to pull the meter apart, open the meter and remove the MicroSD card.

I have times when I may need much faster polling than the actual meter allows, 1 second, but I think the processor and memory in the App will be able to possibly capture in the millisecond range?? This would be great for fast transients and other data gathering and I also assume this would just parse the data from the App once the meter gathers it?? There may be a timing element, but if this is critical, I assume a timing offset and a bench test/adjustment can be made and entered into the App??

Just some ideas.