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Downloading .csv:s over bluetooth is already implemented, so logging directly in app seems obsolete to me..

But. Its not possible (at now?) to log buffer mode, which gathers raw data at samplerate set at meter screen without actual sampling (that other setting at bottom of meter screen).

Mooshimeter can do 4000Hz samplerate (8kHz seems to be unstable and James might hide that from options at any time.. I may have read that between the lines, so im not sure). There is no trigger mechanism in hardware, so our only option in buffer mode is to randomly shoot and hope to hit something useful.. Buffer mode might be more useful, if we would be able to stop automatic refreshing. Now you have to decide in ~half a second if you want that data saved and only saving option is to do a screenshot of it. (or is it? –> )

Hmm.. Had to test, i had never realized that stopping autoscroll in buffer mode actually does something interesting.. It seems to keep timeline intact and just add bursts of data to it when its available.. Still stopping whole data gathering would be nice, as finding and analyzing your data for an hour while constantly getting more would probably break something..

Also that buffer mode timeline stuff is broken, only one channel is scrollable and other one stays still.. May be related to normal graph mode problem, where we cant scale/move other channel?