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Please note, the log parser expects a mooshimeter log file, including the header before the csv part stats. I’ve checked the error log and found some parsing problems caused by log files which are not “compliant” because they are modified.

Since I’ve published the link ~150 graphs were generated, most of them (~100) by myself, for testing and some real measurements.

I’ve the following points at my todo list.

* code cleanup
* notation conversion (scientific or decimal)
* selectable color schemes
* virtual third channel for calculations
* put the whole thing to github

The virtual third channel will open much opportunities. At the moment I’m not sure, how to implement. The easy way is to setup a pull-down menu with predefined operations (electrical Power, etc.). But maybe it’s a better idea to use a text-field where the user can insert a formula (e.g. RPN, which is good to parse). This will cover things like special sensors, shunts, etc. .

It’s also possible to do some final calculation, e.g. determine the real capacity of a battery (when discharging was monitored by the mooshimeter).