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I am seeing some similiar behavior. Using an Android tablet occasionally on initial connection the meter will go into the Firmware update mode. It has the latest firmware and tries to reload the same version of firmware.

Not sure if this a pilot error problem or a bug with the App?

I have not paid full attention, but it might be that when the meter is found on the connection screen, I may be touching the meter description at the top of the page rather than waiting for the meter display to show up??

I have only used the meter a handful of times so far, still tying to figure out the quirks of the App.

I found that if the meter is Logging, you cannot force the meter into Shipping mode directly, you first have to stop the Logging, then put the meter into Shipping mode. Might be useful to have a pop up message that the meter is Logging and the Logging feature needs to be turned off before putting the meter in Shipping mode.