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Personally before I would blame the hardware platform, I would try a different SD card. The cheaper, garden variety TLC SD cars are not designed for multiple writes.

Here is a reasonable statement from someone that has seen the continual problems the the cheaper TLC cards and I have also seen a sizeable quality problem with the SanDisk TLC SD cards.

“The benefit of MLC, and what makes it worth us changing even though it will be at a lower (but still the advertised) capacity, is that MLC NAND memory has a tremendously longer life. It is recommended for use in dashcams, security video cams, and other devices that do intense data writing. They advertise up to 12,000 hours of continuous video writing before failure (in 64GB cards).”

So for anyone REALLY needing data from one of these Moosimeters, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a MLC SD card.