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Thanks for the quick support,

The first thing I did when I found out it didn’t wake up is to inspect the battery holders (Clamps) to make sure it wasn’t the “Short circuiting battery problem”, I don’t think it is. Everything looked fine.(Batteries were in perfect condition and touching both side of battery holders)

I’ve checked the voltage at the battery holders (for the third set of batteries because I didn’t had my meter with me when I first got the Mooshimeter) and I read 1.6 V on both Clamps…

I didn’t read the whole support history but I couldn’t believe I was one of the few with a defective Mooshimeter (If never there was a defective one).

So I started troubleshooting…again, on the battery clamp (witch the negative side is on the edge of the Mooshimeter) I was holding my meter (reading 1.6 V) and I held it there for 10 sec. or so (I was thinking…) and I saw one blink on the led!!! I put the Mooshimeter together, wake up procedure, scanning on the app….nothing!!!

I found out that there was a very very small gap (not visible to the eye),
so small that when you touch the clamp with the lead of the meter it touches the battery. So I bent the negative side of the clamp on the edge of the Mooshimeter toward the center of the clamp and re-installed the batteries and Voila…One good Mooshimeter!!!!

Sorry for the long story…I just wanted to let you know what happened.