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Hi Santiago and Don,

Santiago – Bluetooth low energy is unstable on some Android phones. Apple is very consistent in how everything works between devices, but since Android phones are made by many different manufacturers with poor control over the standards, they all work a little bit differently. If you’re experiencing generally flaky bluetooth behavior with the Mooshimeter using your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, my only suggestion would be to try to upgrade the software on your phone or find another phone you can use it with. I can also offer you a return and full refund if it’s not working out as you hoped.

Don – did you wake up the device from shipping mode? This should have been detailed on the instruction card you received with the meter. Connect the C and Aux port together for 10 seconds and it will wake up.

No Android pairing should be necessary, you should be able to connect right from the Mooshimeter app.

I hope this helps, sorry for the trouble! Best