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Hi jfoj and Manfred,

jfoj –
Thanks for the details, especially regarding early Android Marshmallow releases.

Regarding the question: “Maybe there is some hook needed in the App to have the newer Android OS ignore attempts to pair the Bluetooth for the meter?” – I haven’t found one unfortunately. The app does not have much control over how Android decides to discover and cache bluetooth devices and all the manufacturers do it a little differently.

You should never need to pair your phone with the Mooshimeter, regardless of Android version. It still mystifies me why some Android phones continue to prompt the user for this.

Very interesting that you saw a change in connection behavior after an app update. I think, like many things about Android BLE, it is a matter of certain cached values in the OS being cleared upon re-installation of the app. Other customers have seen a change in behavior upon deleting and re-installing the app, and in the most recent app update the changes were all in processing and new features, not in the core connection logic.

Sorry to give a bunch of non-answers, but I think both of you have found the edge of my knowledge regarding Android BLE. I can say that it’s gotten better since I first released the Mooshimeter (Android 4.4 was a special kind of nightmare), so the direction is good even if the speed is lacking.