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Mooshi-app is able to calculate real power, apparent power and power factor (+k-type thermocouple) in phone, but mooshimeter itself wont log those.

You can log two channels of basic multimeter stuff / internal temperature. With timestamps at millisecond precision. And that is basically all we get, as there is no space left for any major additions..

There has been little buzz about “free math-channel(s)” to be added to app, where we could set up strange ratios for current transformers or shunts, or do some more complicated live processing of our data.. I wish we could have those math-channel formulas saved to log-headers, so it would be easier in post processing to get to same values that you have seen when setting things up.. I hope that something like that would fit in the mooshimeters memory budget..

Someone also wanted to log directly with phone, which might give us bit more options.. Like ability to get unprocessed sample buffers (bursts by the rate mooshimeter is able to record + transfer over ble) –> process with zillion-core-phone-processor –> profit. That is all on the app-side of things, so open source and it is just waiting for someone with skills for coding and need for great logger :D