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So I may be off the road and in the shoulder here, but could there be some middle ground???

I understand the meter is what I would refer to as a “pre-scaler” or data acquisition interface. The actual Moosimeter by itself is more of an interface than a true measurement device in some words

So it is discusses to output the data to a spreadsheet and perform calculations, but phones and tablets are smart and how power, how about being able to do some of the translations and calculations within the App on the phone or tablet??

I head James saying he is an Engineer by nature, BUT we need some sort of Application Specialist that can bridge between the raw Engineering side and the End User. No disrespect to James, but I have been in these circles for years.

I would have to assume the MAJORITY of the Mooshimeter purchasers do not really want to car to read the chipset Data Sheets and understanding how all the sampling is processed, BUT I do think the end users like myself need to know the Max Sample rate in milliseconds and does it differ between AC and DC Voltage. A simple, single page spread sheet/cheat sheet with some meter settings and showing the sampling rate vs meter setting and Voltage measurements would be very useful.

I do a lot of Automotive related work and research and I need fast sampling rates usually for short periods line during engine start up, but then I have situations where I need to monitor for Parasitic Draw over weeks and a 10 second or even 1 minute Sampling rate would be all I need.

I see we have other end users that deal with Solar systems they need to monitor and even may have integrators or installers that will use the meter.

Lets think about what can be processed in the phone/tablet even while data may be written to the SD card because the phone or tablet can buffer and display Peak and Min values along with a running Average and other useful data points. In the automotive field I really need Max & Min points displayed on the App, but I can also to back into the .CVS Log file to look at a specific Voltage behavior for example when the engine is started.

Lets think outside the box, but inside the phone/tablet App!