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There is only one little microcontroller, which has to do everything.. Take samples to buffer (at the rate/size user selected!) –> process –> store –> transfer over ble –> probably something else that i don’t understand –> start from beginning.

Every step takes time, so mooshimeter could not log at the rate that sampling is set. There should be no harm in letting users select even 1 (odd, isn’t it :D ) as sample size though.. @GregS is now at 15Hz logging, there might be something to achieve with raw data without processing. At least more noise ;)

It would be nice if @admin revisits original spec-sheet. No, i dont mean to hide mistakes that has been causing trouble on the forum, but to explain what is behind those (partly unrealistic) statements. Like that example for max memory card size: ~”32GB would take over a week of log at 2x8kHz”. That is clearly just a worst case scenario to tell users that any card would be enough, not a realistic logging setup. And if we calculate what that really adds up, that would be 2ch x single raw sample per line. There is not a mode that would do it, and it would not be at constant 8kHz either, as single microcontroller (probably) would not do sampling + writing simultaneously.

As im reading the spec-sheet, frequency pops up.. Mooshimeter currently does not do that. Should it be able to do it alone, or is it something that phone would analyze from the buffer data? Odd waveforms etc might be hard, or some trigger level setup needs to be given to the user.. And yes, i know there is no hardware trigger available, but same problem exists in analyzing randomly timed buffers..

Applications section seems mostly to be bit hard for tiny processor to do by itself and mooshi-app is still missing quite a few of those. Free math would solve(/help in) several cases..

Sorry for the longish ot, this is just the way my head works :D