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Thanks James..
When I showed my meter to my colleagues 2 went out and bought theirs immediately! There are 4 of us in Engineering, now 3 own Mooshimeters!
I looked at the link you sent me.. what I really need is their specs in your package! Seriously, if you built a true rms detector and a 2 channel scope into a package like the current Mooshimeter, I believe that you would capture the whole professional audio market. Just make sure that the volts input is a standard double banana. On the current one it is frustrating as most of the uses I have are for measuring volts above 1.2V. I can’t use any of my standard cables terminating in double banana. Still a big fan though… and if you need a beta tester for a Version 2 or a unit targeted at the professional audio market I would be glad to help


Doug Jones
Danley Sound Labs