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#2: Take a look at another post titled Rubber Protector Case. Some ideas there. I just added a comment there so I won’t duplicate here.

#3: Well, I recently happened to do some investigation into alkaline battery leakage after one of my AA flashlights was trashed from a leak, so I thought I would provide my opinion. Turns out all alkaline batteries are prone to leaks and the popular one, Duracell, is no exception.

NiMh rechargeable batteries are not very prone to leaking. It is very rare. And most recent NiMhs have a long charged shelf-life (ie slow discharge rate). I am in the process of moving most of my AA devices to eneloop NiMh batteries. The mooshimeter works well with eneloops, but the app battery display is 75% or lower through most of its useful runtime since NiMh starts with a lower voltage (1.2V) compared to alkaline (1.5V). I can’t speak to a comparison of mooshimeter total run time with NiMh vs alkaline.

However, if I wanted the absolute longest runtime, the best AA on the market, and price was no concern, I would investigate Energizer Lithium (non-rechargeable) AA batteries. Warning: The initial no-load voltage is 1.8V so two of these are right at the upper limit for the mooshimeter. Before I would try it in my meter, I would ask James if he had any experience using these.

– – Duane