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The comments below are for folks using Android device. For folks using iOS, please ignore my comments completely.

Based on a growing list of new features being requested in this forum as more and more folks began using the mooshimeter, I realized many months ago that the small development team (one person?) could not fulfill all the requests. Simply too many different users with different needs with worst case conditions conflicting in requirements and best case would require an app of enormous complexity (which itself would conflict with folks who want more simplicity).
Folks can be a little disappointed, but I just don’t believe there are going to be many major features added by the developer in the near term, if ever. Just my opinion. Having said that, I believe the mooshimeter is a fantastic tool for the price. And the app (34beta) is also a very good stable app, with lots of features. And, the app source code is open. Folks, this is a huge “feature”, not available for many meters. What this means is anyone is free to modify the app to his/her needs. This requires some programming so not a practical option for everyone, but at least it is available for those with ability and desire.

For the reasons above and to give back to the community, I created a modified version of the 34beta app This free app allow you to use the extremely popular commercial app called Tasker to create small programs called Profiles right on your phone to perform practically any task you desire, including any formula you can imagine. I have no association with Tasker, other than as a user. There are many Tasker tutorials and forms for help. Thinking that is too much effort? Well if you want a missing capability badly enough, sometimes you just have to pay the price to learn how to do it yourself. At least that path is an option even if you don’t particularly like it.

Here is a simple example to show that it is not really too difficult.
Display a popup message every time a broadcast intent is received from the mooshimeter.

Turn on the broadcast global setting in the beta34 app.
In the Tasker app:
Make sure PROFILES is selected > + > Event > System > Intent Received > Action: com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH > press top left back arrow > New Task + > New Task Name: Popup1 > + > Alert > Popup > Text: Received %value1 %units1 %value2 %units2 %value3 %units3 bat: %moobat> Timeout (seconds) 2 > press top left back arrow twice to get back to main Tasker page then android back to android display. You will see repetitive meter value pop ups. — Duane