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Why do i remember complaining about continuity beeper being too slow for actual use? Did we have it at some point?

So, it would be basically useless, when there is ~half second delay from touch to sound.. And it would be hard/impossible to make fast enough over bt.

I had to run to my car to get my mooshimeter (yes, it has actually graduated to live with my “real” tools ;) )

And yes, it is there, in diode drop mode, it does beep. But that delay is more like a full second, for both “edges”. Seems even longer, as you remove your short and whistling just continues..

But, there is little delay also on Fluke 87.. And it does some indication of bad connection while measuring and generates (yes, very little to do with actual contacts) “chirps” instead of a steady whistle. Which is also annoying, as very cheap and old beepers have an actual current path from battery through measuring leads to beeper and only delay would be from that piezo-element to “warm up” for some milliseconds, so in practice, there is no delay.

Mooshimeter –> bt –> phone –> mooshi-app –> tasker – path would only make it slower? Or is there anything to do with mooshi-app in that scenario?