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I did some more testing..

Sampling settings make quite big difference on that beeper delay..

That ~1s delay was with auto on both settings and internal temperature on second channel. So 64smpl@125Hz.

With second channel set to ac voltage and sampling still on auto: 256smpl@4KHz, about half second delay, which is closer to what i remembered and probably what i would have had normally.

Then, trying to find fastest setting manually, i set 32smpl@8KHz and delay do go down (not that much actually), but then there appears to be even worse problems.. Sometimes beeping stops after just a quick disconnect, but display still shows under millivolt drop. Thats bad, as beeper should be trusted for its sound..

I’m trying to measure those delays bit better, but it seems that my video editing skills would not produce publishable proof.. Strange stuff happens on my video though.. Set sample rates to 256smpl@125Hz and short your leads –> beeper goes about 1 sec beep, 1 sec pause, 1 sec beep etc.. And then there is really over 2 second delay, but at this time, it is what we were asking for by our settings.

With supposedly fastest settings (32@8KHz) about half of that beeper delay seems to happen after there is already value of a short on the screen.. So it should be possible to get it faster. Maybe even let beeper have smaller sample size and forced settings for faster sampling when selected, now it is paired with diode drop which works just fine with slower settings, but those settings follow second channel and may be anything..