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And the results are in.. (averages of ~5 tests)

Mooshi (app-1.0.34 (2115), fw-1477971088)+OnePlus 2 (android 6.0.1)
Diode drop / manual 32smpl@8KHz:
Leads touch –> value on screen: 163ms
Touch –> beep: 354ms
Leads off –> beep off: 478ms

Fluke 87V
Ohm + beep = manual 600ohm:
Touch –> screen: 313ms
Touch –> beep: 75ms
Leads off –> beep off: 93ms

These values are not by any means absolute, but should be comparable with each other.. I took video of what was happening with gopro 3 black @ 240fps and tried to do publishable video, but it was becoming so shitty that i just thought to tell you the numbers. I tried to be fast with the probes touching and managed to hear them clicking and even that had a delay of ~40ms (~10 frames) compared to video.. So all my values might be 40ms high, but i’m not touching them to prevent any more mistakes..

I was quite sure that there were delays with my fluke, but it seems to behave just the way any beeper should.. I have had it sound a constant beep-beep-beep-beep on a bad connection, but could not really reproduce that for a video.. There was little hints of it though and i still believe that it is real.