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I am puzzled that your app does not have a power factor option. I use android version 34 beta (actually a variant which I modified for increased capability using broadcast intents). Maybe you have a android app version prior to PF implementation since I don’t when PF was implemented. Version 34beta has a numerical display choice for apparent power, real power, and PF. Set top display to Current AC , Auto 10A; Middle display to Voltage AC, Auto 600V; bottom display to Power Factor. I just tried it using a compact fluorescent light bulb as a load and in graph mode, the graph looks very similar to the Waveform graph in your post of V and A against time. Be sure to turn Buffer Mode ON. To stop scolling, turn Autoscroll off. I do not believe the PF is logged, so if that is your only issue then I cannot help.

I think you have 3 choices to get version 34 beta.
1. Become a beta tester. Very easy, painless. Then the versions you get from the Playstore are the latest.

2. Download the apk from the developer’s page. You need to side load the .apk file into your android device. You can google how to sideload.

3. Download my modified 34beta version which is compatible with commercial apps like Tasker, etc to program additional capabilities.

Does this help any? — Duane