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I’m having the same issues – Iphone 7+ latest iOS (may 2017 – 10. 3 . 2 ) I have 64 gig rM free on this phone – no other apps running – no other blue tooth devices around, I managed to get it to connect once for 5 minutes yesterday in an hour of struggling – nothing this morning after 40 minutes.

I’ve tried new batteries, resetting the mooshimeter, ejecting the memory card etc
Re setting the phone deleting the app – switching to airplane mode etc etc.

Within the app – it reports the meter then on the page displaying measurements it reports. “Loading” but doesn’t. The app then often closes.
If I scan again the meter has apparently disappeared – then it finds it – but never displaying a reading.

Frustrating is an understatement.

We bought the meter for a project where colleagues used it and found similar connection difficulties – and ended up using it with an android phone I think – I dont have anything android and iPhone is the way forward for me.

In need of a firmware fix – app fix …?

The app is 1.10 1373
The firmware is 1477971088

Has anyone else come up with a solution ?

Without connecting to the phone it is a useless brick.