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Here are some of my notes, it may not be fully comprehensive, but this is what I found, refer to and use to tweak Excel so I can graph things.

The first thing it to understand how to convert from Epoch time to what I call real time and date.

Then you have to add another column to Excel as I recall and then add in a formula so you can convert the Epoch time column to a real time column. I often delete the Epoch time column or just copy the columns I need and paste them into a new sheet to work from.

I agree to some extent that this should be easier, but what I seem to find is this product is geared and set up by someone with the mindset of a programmer or developer rather than an end user. There needs to be some more focus on the end user because if you do not have the years of background behind the meter design, you have no idea what some of the setting affect or how to properly set up the meter.

I really was looking for a meter that could Log at 100-200 ms intervals and I have yet to be able to get this type of fast Logging with this meter.

Maybe I am missing something, maybe someone can explain.

Anyway hope this info is helpful or at least points you into the right directon.

Mooshimeter Graph Info
Excel Formula for Unix Time “=A2/86400+25569”
Then Format Time as Custom ss.0
Then Format Voltage as Number with 2 decimal places

See Unit Time Conversion