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Yup…. Nope… still struggling with this. So bummed. I actually went and bought a regular multimeter today because I couldn’t get either mooshimeter to work. I am pretty sure it happens when my phone and I walk out of the meter’s bluetooth range but once I do that, I can’t connect to either moosh so does that seem like a problem at the phone end, rather than just with one meter?
I have a bunch of other bluetooth devices, mostly speakers and headphones, and they don’t seem to die if I walk out of range. They just go to sleep and wake up when I get back. Mooshimeters become zombified and to recover one, I seem to have to reload the firm ware in most cases. This sort of relegates my mooshimeters to the bench for now and I’ll have to take my new dumb meter for field work.
working in green bush
lights, relays, unlabelled wires
no moosh, much bummage