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At least +/- 19VDC works juts like it should.

Mooshimeter is multimeter that can log, not just a logger with one strict job. In logging setups it might be quite common to see only positive voltages, so then it is wise to manufacture those with double the resolution for positive side and leave negative out. And you should have few seconds to spare while making logging setup to check polarity, if you are planning to leave your device to collect data for a day.

Multimeters get to see anything in a hurry and leads are often crossed etc, so half the res is fine, when you don’t have to check polarity every time you stick your leads to something.

If you are planning to log +/- 5V and +/- 200V in one go, remember to set 600V range manually. If i remember right, mooshimeter wont autorange while logging. But now that i think, i should have screwed some measurements if that is true, as i have some times set my ac-power-logging extension-cord-thingy to log while it has been disconnected and then thrown 230vac at it. I cant be sure, maybe i just have always checked that everything is fine on the app (like i should) before leaving..