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I just had the same Issue (but “Initialization failed: status -1” exactly).

I mainly use my S7 Edge on Android 7.0 with Mooshimeter App v1.0.34 (2115), firmware 1477971088, and had logging running over night. It’s the first time I had this problem and firstly I thought It was maybe because I changed the Log interval from 1s to 10s after ~3h off logging (-> first time this error, first time switched this value while logging).

I tried ~10 times to connect, meanwhile closed the app, no success. Then I switched to my second device (Note 4 on Android 6.0.1 – same App version) and there, I firstly had the same Issue but I think on the second attempt the app initialized correctly. After that (closed the app) I could connect with my S7 Edge without error…

So maybe this Issue is related with Android 7? Just wanted to write this quickly down here, maybe it helps others. I’ll keep watching this. :)