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Hey Richard,

yes it’s mainly because of post-processing the data. I use google docs spreadsheets for that, and with that much data it’s not very pleasant to work with. ;)

But on the other way It’s also because why not? This is an accurate and not cheap measuring device, so I don’t want to be limited in it’s capabilities. Ant to have just 5 options for logging feels a bit like patronized. And why not benefit from the direct contact to the developer…? :)

Btw, after a another while of reading I learned now, that this value actually is not the logging time, but the time the meter sleeps for after each logging event. So on my 3. post I was wrong and this log file was recorded with the 1s option. So sry for my assumption there. :)

So I don’t think it would be too much work to implement a additional field, where I e.g. can enter a custom “sleeping” value in seconds.

But thx for your script, I didn’t know this software yet and will take a look on it when I have the time.