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Hi Harry.

Your assumptions about logging intervals might be little bit screwed, as the way that selected interval is used has changed a while ago. Example(?) log from James that you referred probably was saved by code where mooshimeter did its thing of measuring and saving the result, slept for the whole interval-time and then did its thing again. Current code tries to generate log lines ~precisely at set intervals, so actual measurement also happens inside that time frame.

If only problem is too much data at 1s intervals, you might be able to slow actual sampling down to bit over 2 seconds. Manually set sampling to 125Hz/256smpl and logging interval to “no wait” (i’m not actually sure how 1s setting would handle those sampling settings, as it would not be able to keep up). This method only works in DC measurements, but in that case you would get more accurate and smoother results.

Just had a thought that James might have done just the thing i mentioned above, but then i checked that file and it has 125Hz/32smpl settings. I have no idea how that would generate lines 2,3 second apart.. And then there are 0,3 sec lines also, mostly at the beginning of logging instances. And that log file is quite different than the newer ones..