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Hey Harry.
> And why not benefit from the direct contact to the developer…? :) …
> So I don’t think it would be too much work to implement a additional
> field, where I e.g. can enter a custom “sleeping” value in seconds.

Yeah, I thought the same the first time I came here. :-)
Unfortunately the case is rather difficult. James is doing contract work (other stuff) right now and has currently no plans /time AT ALL for now and the upcoming months (if ever) to further work on the app…

So yeah, we as users / community need to think about how and what to further develop in the app. I started an discussion about this here:

How to get new features in the app / Bounty


Did you reply to the script topic?

Scilab Script for visualization of Mooshimeter Log files

I think it got lost in the database / forum error….