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@ville Thx for the hint, I tried this settings and it worked. So I have at least a workaround for a 2 second period – not perfect but better than nothing. :)

But why in that case I would get more accurate and smoother results? compared to, I assume, the default settings? Could you explain me that a bit, I’m yet not very deep into these sampling settings but I really would like to understand how this works. :) And I didn’t found a page here yet, that describes these two parameters well. :/

For my understanding, on standard DC settings 125/64, the µc will make 64 measurements every 8ms, do math on them (I assume average value on dc), and return the result (So give 1 value, based on 64 measurements, every 8ms).
On 125/256 it would do 256 Measurements every 8ms (more values to calculate average off gives more precise result – that seems logical) but why do this result in 2 second period?

I can calculate 0,008s x 256 Samples = 2,048 seconds – but this would mean that every Sample/measurement will take 8ms (and not 256 Measurements every 8ms) – so how can this be more accurate and give smoother results. I’m a bit confused in there… ^^