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If your measured thing is stable, adding more samples should result in better accuracy. At least it would reduce noise in the end result, so it should be possible to see more stable decimals. So there is that smoothness and accuracy i meant. And you were right at the end, value in Hz means how often single sample is taken. So your math of
gives the time it takes just for sampling.

If you are hunting quick changes in values, then you probably wont need that accurate values, you just need lot of them, so you might want to go for faster sample rate and reduce the amount of samples taken, so for example 4kHz*/32smpl. Its again that 8ms, but this time all 32 samples are taken in that time. It wont result in 125 lines of log per second, as it takes time to process/save/show the values, so if i remember correctly, it would be something like 10 values per second on a memory card, if logging is set to “no wait”.

I dont know what i am babbling about, and i think i should not read the question again, as i might have written something totally irrelevant and need to erase it all :D

It is nice that we could alter the sampling settings of mooshimeter. That way, if you somewhat know how the data is gathered and processed, you could “attack” your measurements with right rates and get results that are hard to see or boring to gather with regular multimeter.

* – There is option of 8kHz for speedfreaks, but it is not stable and might generate random spikes in logs. You have been warned, just dont use it in serious cases..