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Yes I noticed, that if switched from 125 to 265 smpl, there is one decimal added to the values.

Thanks for the information, your “babbling” is very interesting for me :D – and yes to get results that are hard to see or boring to gather with regular multimeter – was, beside of the logging 2 channel logging funcionality, the reason why I bought this nice piece of hardware. And although it’s still a bit buggy, because I don’t use it for professional purpose, I’m still happy with it. :)

Although, for my point of view, the documentation could be done better (there you notice that this is the work of an “crazy-tech-guy”). It would be really nice if eg. the smpl functionality would be well described in the documentation, but luckily they have this forum and kind people inside, so it takes time to gather all information but it’s possible… with time and passion.

And from another point of view you don’t get as much information how the thing works from other devices…