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Hey Richard,

fortunately the good James could recover my response, so here it follows (it was btw, because of an to sensitive acting spam filter .. I had another topic affected completely by that, so I got in touch with him)

I just found the time and it’s awesome, but also a very komplex application. ^^

I’m a technician (Mechatroniker, to be exact) but I haven’t studied, so komplex math and scripting skills aren’t unfortunately my level. But I understand at least the substance of your code. So putting the desc via an if condition on file name was no problem. But the next I didn’t get and need a little help there.

The output looks really nice, but I wish there where straight lines plotted from the left y axis (if possible the right too) and the x axis.
I think it should look nice and useful if the lines where in the color of axis and very thin. I read a while trough documentation, plot2d, axes properties,… but I didn’t find anything about, nor an example code. That surprised me a bit. I don’t think such an mighty application can not handle this? Can you help me out how to realize that in your code?

And I have 2 additional questions:

1) I have 2 (now a couple more) logs where the additional Info box isn’t printed. From the code, as far as I understood, It should always be printed. Or is there something I don’t understand correctly? I could give you the logfiles + pdf if you will have a look on it. This is not life-important – but I really would like to unterstand why. :)

2) The generated PDFs are in landscape mode, but turned over 90° (so in fact standard DINA4 portrait, but I have to turn it manually to read without neck hurting ^^). I found out that, if it’s set instead to ‘portrait’ in the code, the output file is in proper landscape mode. Do you have an explanation for that? :D

Thx in advance for your time!
cheers Harry

PS: We could also write in german, but I thought this may could be interesting for other users too (now or then..), so if my poor english don’t bother you … ^^