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Had a log running the last hours. Connected, stopped logging, clicked “load available logs” … no logs in list but message “Waiting for log data” for minutes and mooshimeter status led was disconnected with SD present. (like I described yesterday here ).

Then trying to connected/closing the app/reconnect/closing app/disable-enable Bluetooth/…. every time “Initialization Failed. Status: -1” and sometimes there was written something like “no device detected”, although the mooshimeter was shown on top with ~ -60 dBm signal strength.

Then after like 10 or 15 times a new message appeared “I don’t recognize this device… aborting“. After that I could connect to the meter. Like yesterday, the app itself set values sampling to 32smpl and log time to 10s by itself (was 265smpl and 0s before).

So connected and next try reach my log, load available logs -> no message, no logs, meter disconnected (with SD present) -> “Initialization Failed. Status: -1” …

This is now starting to really annoy me! :(