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I just tried all settings for logging interval and if i remember correctly, 10 min did give 10 sec just like it was told above. That is bad. 1 min got me lines with 40 sec intervals! I also got only two log-files from my testing, even though i stopped logging while changing settings.

I have mostly used nowait/1/10 sec and those have worked like they should, but there was also something strange this time and i should keep testing.

There has been questions about free interval-settings without these current steps, so this might be the time to implement that.. If someone has the necessary skills.. I should learn to code again, but theres not enough free time to do it :( Even my beta-testing seems to be shitty right now, as i try to do three things simultaneously.

Actual logging and specially this bug hunting would be easier, if we could set name for our experiment to be added to logfile with other settings.. Which one does those setting-lines to log file, firmware of app? Would it be possible to add more data to logfile from the app, without touching firmware at all?