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same issue for me either status -1. I got the Mooshimeter a few days ago, and used it study batteries discharge, logging Amp? volts of batteries discharging in calibrated resistor.
I have place a 16M micro SD card inside, logged and download the Measures over a few hours, time of discharging.
It used to work fine with moto C and androïd 7, and finally while reconnecting to check the discharging process got the status -1 error;
I so tried to connect with an ipad and it works with it while it doesn’t work anymore with the moto C. But I don’t like the Apple app, display doesn’t rotate, display is cut on the right side, download logs doesn’t record the file locally but generate an email to send the file attached.
I then tried an older Cell photo Motorola with Android 5. It then worked a couple of times, then end in status -1 error also.
Only the Ipad Apple App seems not affected by this bug and continue to work.